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The Law Office of Mark A. Kerstein is a small firm dedicated to providing legal services on a personal level. Legal issues threatening an individual or business can be incredibly personal and, therefore, require the utmost attention and care. As a small business, we understand that business is incredibly personal to the individuals involved who need to support themselves and their families.

In order to address your legal problems, we strive for an efficient and cost effective approach. We evaluate every client’s needs and address every issue with a straightforward plan. We also provide clear explanations of the situation and its potential outcomes in order for our clients to make well informed decisions. This way, a business can prevent certain legal issues from arising and deal with those that do arise.

Furthermore, we are guided by the principles of integrity, honesty and transparency. We may not tell you want you want to hear, but we will tell you what your options are under the law. We will do so, even if it means that we need to refer you to colleagues who may have greater expertise in a specialized area such as family law or criminal defense issues. We always act to do right for our clients.

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